This year at MPTS 2024, PrimeLight Design previewed the VoxBox Air. This innovative device is particularly effective when filmmakers want to establish a direct connection between the contributor and the audience. It features quick, tool-free assembly and effortless portability thanks to its unique folding design.

Twenty years ago Errol Morris introduced the interrortron. This setup used two cameras and two teleprompters to create natural eye contact between the subject and interviewer. It allowed the subject to relax while also ensuring they spoke directly to the audience. It worked like a charm and set new standards in filmed interviews.

However, carrying two cameras and two teleprompters around simply isn’t practical. That’s where the VoxBox Air comes in. It combines a beamsplitter and adjustable mirror in an intricate yet easy-to-use system, to create the same natural eye contact and audience engagement as the interrortron. The difference is that all you need is a single rig with 15mm bars or a standard light stand, as it’s just like attaching a matte box.

The VoxBox Air’s fully adjustable mirrors mean the interviewer can take up several different positions and still maintain eye contact with the subject, giving you great flexibility when filming in tight spaces. Its patent-pending foldable design lets you set it up in less than two minutes, and it takes up minimal space in the van. While it’s nice and light at just 3.9kg (including the bag), the carbon-infused frame ensures resilience and longevity. The supplied tablet holder means it also doubles as a teleprompter when required.

PrimeLight Design founder, Steve Lord, says, “The VoxBox Air is an advance on the VoxBox Pro, a tool that’s been helping filmmakers around the world shoot great interviews for the last five years, and trusted by the BBC, Netflix, PBS America, the
New York Times and more. The Air is designed in response to filmmakers who need an easy-to-transport solution, and that’s why we’ve added the folding design.”

Visitors to stand H23 at MPTS could see how quickly and easily the VoxBox Air enables perfect down-the-lens interviews

The VoxBox Air will be available globally from mid-June at a launch price of £1295.